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Bakubung Bush Lodge

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Bakgatla Resort

Bakgatla Resort

Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge - Pilanesberg Lodges

Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge

Tshukudu Bush Lodge

Tshukudu Bush Lodge

Lush Private Lodge

Lush Private Lodge

Shepherd's Tree Game Lodge

Shepherd’s Tree Game Lodge

Escape to the Black Rhino Lodge - Experience Pilanesberg Lodges

Black Rhino Game Lodge

Tambuti Game Lodge

Tambuti Game Lodge

Ivory Tree Game Lodge

Ivory Tree Game Lodge

The Manyane Resort's 2 sleeper safari tent in Pilanesberg

Manyane Resort

Pilanesberg Information


Pilanesberg Information.

Pilanesberg National Park is nearby to the cities. The Pilanesberg Park is close enough for a day's visit from Johannesburg. The Park can be reached within 3 hours from the city, and upon arrival, you are surrounded by wildlife and nature. Accommodation in Pilanesberg ranges from camping sites and caravanning to luxury private lodges.
You can indulge in 4 stars and 5-star luxury private game lodges of a very high standard.

Pilanesberg National Park is a sought-after wildlife destination in a malaria-free zone. The Park's location is adjacent to Sun City. The Park is home to the big five and only 2 hours from Johannesburg. The unique biosphere of the Pilanesberg National Park is home to one of the country's most famous wildlife areas. The Park is set in an ancient volcanic crater. This well-stocked reserve has a dramatic landscape that supports various plants, animals and birds.

Some interesting facts on Pilanesberg.

The Park is named after the former Chief Pilane and has a unique Alkaline ring complex. This is the Park's primary geological feature. In the centre of the south is the artificially created Mankwe Dam. Well, it is known for its high concentration of wildlife. What is unique about the parks' vegetation is the cohabitant of the Kalahari that meets the Lowveld. Officially the Park is the fourth largest National Park in South Africa.

Conservation has led to the birth of the Pilanesberg National Park. During the early '80s, many long-vanished wildlife species were translocated to the Park. The location of the Park is in an old volcanic crater and makes this one of a kind in South Africa. The prospects of expanding towards the Madikwe game reserve is in the form of the suggested 'Heritage Park".

Why visit the Pilanesberg Information centre in the National Park?

You are only two hours from a major airport, so access is effortless. You can self-drive in the Park, and no 4×4 vehicles are required for the gravel roads. It is child-friendly and is a malaria-free zone. The resorts, hotels and private lodges offer a selection of accommodation choices. Always great to familiarise yourself with park maps and animals zones.

Pilanesberg Self Drive Safaris.

  • Easy Access to the Park.
  • No 4 x 4 is needed when accessing the Park.
  • Book your vehicle and accommodation in advance.
  • Consult a map of the Park.
  • Animal guide reference.
  • Consult rules and regulations of the Park.
  • Always make sure you have water and food.
  • Pilanesberg centre offers updated wildlife sightings.

Pilanesberg Facilities

The Pilanesberg Game reserve is situated close to Sun City, in the Bojanala Region of the North West Province. The Pilanesberg National Park offers malaria-free Big Five game viewing. This is on offer and only a 2-hour drive from Johannesburg. The easy access makes the Park very popular with local and international visitors. You can do self-drives inside the Park, guided drives or enjoy private game drives. The Pilanesberg game reserve park offers numerous picnic sites, bird hides and viewpoints to enhance your experience in the Park.

The scenic terrain lies in the transition zone between the Lowveld and Kalahari. What makes this unique is that both types of vegetation are found here. As a result of the Park being in a transition zone, there are overlaps in birds, mammals and plants. There are over 360 species of birds that have been recorded. Though some are migrants, most other birds are permanent inhabitants. There is a self-guided trail in the walking area at Manyane, which offers an environmental education opportunity. Enjoy the wilderness and birdlife while game viewing and bird watching on foot. There is also a walk-in aviary at Manyane with over 80 species of indigenous birds.

Pilanesberg national park is a unique wildlife and wilderness region within South Africa. The Park is small enough to explore in a few days and large enough to provide one of the best ecosystems for wildlife in South Africa.

Pilanesberg Information Centre

The old magistrates building has been revamped and changed into the Pilanesberg Information Centre. The building is near the Mankwe dam and offers an excellent stopover in the Park. Today there are shops, educational centres and wildlife sightings interactive PC system—the perfect location for ablutions and a picnic.

Pilanesberg Information on Photographic Hides.

There are six bird hides in the Park. These are well-designed structures and ideally located for Photography. The hides are perfect for different times of the day. Rathogo hide is excellent for Photography in the mornings. Ruighoek and Malatse are best in the afternoons. Makorwane & Batlhako is perfect for cloudy days and low light Photography. Mankwe is our favourite as it is best for the whole day and you have excellent reflections on the water.

Distance & Directions to Pilanesberg National Park

  • Charter flights from JHB International or Lanseria to Pilanesberg International Airport.
  • Flights from Cape Town to sun city Airport.
  • By road, it is a two-hour drive to the Park

Pilanesberg Information on Travel Time

City Distance
Pretoria 130km 01h30
Johannesburg 170 km 2 hours
Cape Town 1500 km 18 hours
Durban 700 km 8 hours

GPS Co-ordinates

Black Rhino Game Reserve: -25°10'54.35"S ; 26°57'18.25"E
Pilanesberg National Park :-25.233516"S,27.0349495"E


You now can fly directly from Cape Town International Airport or OR Tambo International Airport to Pilanesberg Airport, conveniently located 10 km outside Sun City.

As of 16 March 2015, SA Express will be scheduling return flights in and out of Pilanesberg Airport, thanks to a contract granted by the North West Safety and Transport Department. The first commercial flight to Sun City was on Friday, 27 March.

This means that it's now easier than ever (whether you're in Cape Town or Joburg) to take a trip to Sun City to indulge in the resort's numerous leisure activities, gaming and sporting attractions. Are you thinking of taking a midweek break or want to head to Sun City for the weekend? Now there's an SA Express flight for you to hop on.


JHB - Pilanesberg 12h30 13h05 Mon, Fri
Pilanesberg - JHB 13h40 14h15 Mon, Fri
Pilanesberg - CT 12h40 15h00 Mon, Fri
CT - Pilanesberg 10h10 12h20 Mon, Fri

Flight prices include shuttle services between Pilanesberg Airport and Sun City. To book your flights online, visit the SA Express website.

Prices are subject to change. Terms and conditions apply.



  • You can have lunch at Manyana or Bakgatla resort or the Centre at Mankwe Dam.


  • Unfortunately not.


  • No pets are allowed.


  • You can access Manyane and Bakgatla resorts with a motorbike.
  • However not allowed in the Park.


  • The average sedan vehicle is perfect for visiting the Park.



  • Pilanesberg is open 365 days of the year and on public holidays.


  • Pilanesberg National Park is Malaria Free.


  • This will be the discretion of the lodge or game drive company.
  • The ranger has the ultimate decision.


  • Yes, it is home to elephants, Rhino, Buffalo, Leopard, Lion and many more mammals.


Adults R 80
Children R 30
Pensioners R 40
Vehicles R 40
Foreign Nationals Levy R 30

Gate Times

  • March and April: 06h00-18h30
  • May to August: 06h30-18h00
  • September to October: 06h00-18h30
  • November to February: 05h30-19h00

Entry Gates

Babukung Gate

The Babukung Gate lies nearby west of Sun City. Take the R556 from Johannesburg and follow it past Sun City to get to the entrance. Lodges accessible from the Babukung Gate:

  • Babukung Bush Lodge
  • Tshukudu Bush Lodge

Bakgatla Gate

Bakgatla Gate lies in the North East of Pilanesberg. From Sun City, take the R510 to Mogwase and follow the signs to Pilanesberg National Park. Pass Manyane Gate on your left and continue until you reach the Bakgatla Gate at a T-junction.Lodges accessible from the Bakgatla Gate:

  • Ivory Tree Lodge
  • Bakgatla Resort

Kwa Maritane Gate

Near both, the Kwa Maritane Gate is between the Sun City Resort and the Pilanesberg Airport. Lodges accessible from the Kwa Maritane Gate:

  • Kwa Maritane Game Lodge

Manyane Gate

Manyane Gate is in the east of Pilanesberg. From Sun City, take the R510 towards Mogwase and continue through the town until you take a left towards the gate. Lodges accessible from the Manyane Gate:

  • Manyane Resort

Black Rhino Reserve

The private Black Rhino Reserve has a separate gate that can be reached on the R565 travelling north. You will sign in at the entrance and either drive to your lodge or request your host to pick you up. Lodges accessible from the Black Rhino Gate:

  • Buffalo Thorn Lodge
  • Black Rhino Game Lodge
  • Morokolo Game Lodge
Note: Shepherd's Tree Game Lodge has a private entrance to the Park, which can be reached on the R565 travelling north.

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