Pilanesberg visitors can choose from a variety of activities!

Pilanesberg is popular with companies for team building and families who want to reconnect. Even couples who want to break away from the city or tourists who want to experience the African bush and indigenous culture.

There is something special about this area where the old traditions mix with a celebration of being together. Here, different cultures can learn from each other and the local tribe can teach you more about their traditions with the African music experience or village visit.

We also have bush walks, balloon rides and traditional safari drives to get out into the wild. For more adventurous visitors, there’s quad biking, archery and mountain biking.


African Music Experiences


Interactive African DrummingDjembe drummers

Nothing gets you into the spirit of community quite like drumming away to an African beat! Drumming is considered one of the first forms of communication. So take your team or family back to basics and see how they connect with each other after this experience.


Percussion Band

This is a great way to welcome your team. The African percussion band consists of the West African djembe drum, the dun-dun bass drum and tambourines.


Marimba Band

The Marimba is a wooden instrument like a xylophone. The marimba band takes you on a musical journey with it’s pure, bouncy wooden chime. In a band, there are different sizes of marimbas. The big bass marimba to the small flute-like chimes cover a wide spectrum of tones. The band also has two percussionists.


African Tribal Dancing

The tribes of Africa have a rich tradition of dance. Each tribe has their own style and costumes, but what they all have in common is their love of dancing. Dance is expressive and we can promise that you will leave the performance with your feet itching!

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Local Village visit


Moruleng village tourExplore the local culture by bicycle or vehicle

While in the Pilanesberg area, it makes sense to visit Moruleng village to learn more about the people of the area. The tour is led by the local Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela tribe: the original inhabitants of the Pilanesberg area.

The guides will take you to the museum, heritage sights and show you their town. You will get a cooking class and you will be served the local cuisine as well!

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Pilanesberg Short Safaris


Walking Safari

Learn more about African wildlife from an experienced guide on a walking safari in the Pilanesberg National Park!

We’ve recently added a Family Bush Walk. Now you can explore the Letsatsing Game Park with your children! The reserve covers 700 hectares and hosts wildebeest, impala, sable antelope, nyala and many smaller species of wildlife. There’s also a deck overlooking the water hole.

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Hot Air Balloon RidesSo much to see from the air balloon Pilanesberg safari

Experience the sun rising over the Pilanesberg from a balloon, high up in the air! The trip includes breakfast and champagne at a lodge after landing.

Duration: 30 – 60 min

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Game Drives

The big advantage of a game drive with professional rangers is their knowledge and passion for the wildlife of South Africa.

Duration: 3 – 6 hours

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Outdoor Adventures

All these Pilanesberg outdoor adventures take place in the Letsatsing Game Reserve.

They are great for team building as well!


Quad bikes near Sun City

Quad Biking

Learn how to ride a quad bike with the help of a guide. Kids 5 and up can take part when riding with an adult. The course is great fun and you can spot some wildlife like sable, wildebeest, warthogs and much more. Protective gear for you eyes and a helmet will be provided.



This ancient sport is now more accessible than you can imagine! You will be instructed how to use the equipment, aim and shoot the target.


Mountain Biking

This 9,7 km course promises wildlife sightings such as impala, giraffe, zebra, kudu, nyala and as well as the smaller animals and birds that call this area home.


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