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African Music Experiences

Our African music experiences will ensure great entertainment and something to talk about for the rest of the year!

Make your team building or family vacation in Pilanesberg or Sun City extra special by including the local musicians and dancers.

Experience the age old music and dance traditions yourself. Guests can get into the groove themselves with the djembe drum in a drum circle led by a musician. Learning to play the drums will definitely take your outing to the next level.

Check out these activities led by the local tribe from Moruleng Village and surrounding areas. Please fill in our form so we can get back to you with more information about the availability of these activities.


Djembe drummers

Interactive African Drumming

Nothing gets you into the spirit of community quite like drumming away to an African beat! Drumming is considered one of the first forms of communication. So take your team or family back to basics and see how they connect with each other after this experience.

Duration: 1 hour activity, total of 1 hour 30 minutes

Price: R280 per person – including transfer from Sun City, use of the drums and the venue

R 230 per person excluding transfer and venue

Minimum: 20 people


Percussion Band

This is a great way to welcome your group. The African percussion band consists of the West African djembe drum, the dun-dun bass drum and tambourines.

Duration: From 20 min

Price: From R 7 500


Marimba Band

The Marimba is a wooden instrument like a xylophone. The marimba band takes you on a musical journey with it’s pure, bouncy wooden chime. In a band, there are different sizes of marimbas. The big bass marimba to the small flute-like chimes cover a wide spectrum of tones. The band also has two percussionists.

Duration: The performance lasts one hour.

Price: You can choose a 5-piece band for R 8 500 or an 8-piece band for R 11 500.


Here is an example of a Marimba band’s performance


African Tribal Dancing

The tribes of Africa have a rich tradition of dance. Each tribe has their own style and costumes, but what they all have in common is their love of dancing. Dance is expressive and we can promise that you will leave the performance with your feet itching!

Duration: The performance lasts one hour.

Price: You can choose 5 dancers for R 8 500 or 8 dancers for R 11 500.


African Tribal Dancing and Marimba Band Combo

Get the complete African music experience with a performance by dancers, marimba players and percussionists.

Duration: The performance lasts one hour.

Price: 5 performers for R 12 900 or 8 performers for R 17 500.


Please book your African music experiences as soon as possible, to give us time to arrange musicians and dancers.

Simply fill in the form so we can know more about your needs.

Pilanesberg National Park Activity Information


DEPARTURE POINT: Sun City Resort's Welcome Centre
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